"I love that A Product Of My Environment is youth led and focuses on empowerment and education"

Feedback from a young participant

“A Product Of My Environment has helped me understand the importance of self-belief

Feedback from a young participant

“It’s really inspiring how such a young person has taken it upon herself to make a difference”

feedback from a young participant

A Product Of My Environment.

Empowering the next generation of young black people to dream big.

The Founder.

A Product Of My Environment was founded by Remaya Amelia, at age 15. Growing up in an inner city area I’ve been exposed to the affect your environment has on your outlook on life and the opportunities you receive. POME was created to provide an alternative environment for young black people to thrive in, away from the, sometimes negative, things surrounding us.

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The Goal.

To provide every young black person in Birmingham the tools they need to become the best versions of themselves possible. For them to realise their potential and thrive. Just imagine the impact we would have if every young black person dreamt big.

The Work.

We have provided free filled pencil cases for young black people to help them have the equipment to thrive in their education. On our instagram we share motivational quotes, black history and have in depth conversations about a variety of topics. Recently, we have launched our new programme breaking the cycle. We also have a podcast ‘POME talks’ that provides a safe place for young black people to discuss anything on their minds.


Our brand new programme designed to help young black people break the negative cycle in our communities.



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Email us at aproductofmyenvironment@outlook.com

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