Breaking the cycle.

1. Our Environment


constant negative images, depict blackness as a negative trait and lead us to believe that white is better and 'proper'.


only taught slavery and select civil rights activists but not enough black british history.


children of similar situations grouped together at schools and then are often limited with the conversations they have and


low income areas, desperate for money, labour jobs.

2. Normalised

These images make young black people limit themselves to these surroundings and accept the things we see around us as normal.

Nobody questions or stands up to this cycle.

When young people are growing up without being told that there’s more to life than what they see, these things become normalised and the thought of achieving a degree or starting a business becomes unattainable.

With this on top of the racial barriers put up in society, young black children grow into adults with a lack of self belief.There’s no shortage in potential just self belief.

3. Repeats

These standards are not being questioned by our community and not enough people are trying to motivate and empower our young people.These norms are passed on generation after generation and the cycle continues.

If every young black person dreamt big…

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